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Activate Your Chakras


Are you ready to connect more deeply your physical and energetic body?

We each have seven major energy centres where energy flows in and out of us. These centres are known as our chakras, and our physical ailments are always linked to blockages in these centres. Keeping these chakras open and balanced can be difficult, but working towards having all seven chakras open and flowing can create balance, physical, mental & emotional healing, and can increase your ability to manifest the life you dream of!

In this three hour workshop we connect with the rainbow energy of our bodies to discuss where your energy centres are situated, how to open & balance them, and how to activate each one using a multitude of tools and elements.


By the end of the event you will gain a clearer understanding of how your blockages & imbalances are showing up in your life, and will feel better equipped to help yourself to move through the traumas and challenges of being human.

To purchase tickets for Thursday March 19th 2020, click HERE. 

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