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Registration for Resilience Revolutions opens on May 23rd in

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Goods for Growth

Take your sacred practice of becoming yourself to the next level with these physical and digital products

Aside from being a gifted Seer, I am also a teacher, an artist, and a creator. This creativity has spanned many different realms including physical products, digital art, and even done-for-you workshops that you can learn from in your own time. 

Everything I create is made with loving intention to help you to tap into deeper parts of yourself. 

Check out some of the magical things I have birthed into reality

Spiritual Tools

If you’re the kind of person who wants to hold something tangible in your hand as you explore new realms of the intangible feelings, frequencies and mysteries of the Universe, here are some products you can buy that you can actually use to heal yourself. 

Crystal Magick Punks Oracle Deck

Go even deeper (like way below the Earth’s surface) on your journey of self-healing through the Magick of Crystals, with the Crystal Magick Punks Oracle Deck. Channeled and illustrated by me based on a lifelong connection to crystals, this oracle deck is the perfect companion on your path to self-discovery. 

If you are curious about more custom 1/1 physical products that I are currently for sale, please visit my Etsy shop.

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Custom 1/1 Products

If you are curious about more custom 1/1 physical products that I are currently for sale, please visit my Etsy shop.

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Esoteric NFT Portfolio

I believe that “where science ends, spirituality begins”, seeing tech and crypto evolution as a huge opportunity for expanded consciousness. I see self custody as a path  to true financial sovereignty. This vision is what led me to create this collection of first of its kind Non-Fungible Tokens [NFTs]. These NFTs, that you can purchase with cryptocurrency, unlock exclusive readings and perks on two different blockchains.

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Crystal Magick Punks NFT Collection

Crystal Magick Punks stands as one of the first crystal NFTS on the web. With 50 individually hand-drawn crystals created back in 2021, this collection was all about a wild idea: what if we could trade crystals like currency in the digital world? It's a blend of art, magic, and a hint of rebellion—each crystal a tiny masterpiece with its own story to tell.

0.05 WETH

Higher Being

Each of these 10 limited edition AI art pieces gives you more than just [something], it’s your key to unlocking a free astrology reading when you mint it on the blockchain. This is where cutting-edge tech meets the ancient wisdom of the stars, and it's so new that you'd be hard-pressed to find any other astrologers merging their services with blockchain technology like this.

0.15 ETH

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Self Study

Workshops You Can Download

Learn best when you can pause, take notes, and go at your own pace? These pre-recorded video workshops are great resources to help you learn more about different modalities and spiritual beliefs. Work through these workshops your way with a notebook in hand, and trust your own inner guidance along the way.


Own Your F&*king Intuition

Own Your F&*king Intuition is a 1-hour prerecorded workshop where I guide you in learning how to uncover and explore your natural intuitive abilities. We’ll decode the signs you’re receiving and build those intuitive muscles so that you can feel confident following the guidance your Spirit Guides and Angels are giving you. 

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I’m Really Into “That Stuff” Podcast

I’m Really Into “That Stuff” Podcast

Are you a yogi? Part of the psychedelic revolution of the mind? Maybe you’re really passionate about energy healing, Reiki and sound healing? Whatever you dig, if you’re into “That Stuff”, I have a podcast where I interview the coolest weird & woo-woo people who’re into it too.

Join me every as I delve into the depths of mysticism, mental health and spirituality with some of my favorite people who are also Really Into That Stuff!

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“Jana Stern offers people a space to show up. There is no judgment. Bring your unique self and messy emotions while she patiently attunes to your needs. Passionate, brazen and loud Jana goes where others fear.  Her courage motivates and inspires people to WAke Up, while her intuition boldly guides you to a better understanding of Self. She is a healer and a light to humanity grounding us in these challenging times.”


"Experiencing the life activation with Jana was truly transformative and felt all in divine timing. From the moment I stepped into the space, I felt welcomed and it seemed familiar. The session itself was powerful, as she had a natural approach to get to know me on a deeper level. I left feeling lighter, more connected to myself and open to new opportunities. Jana has a gift for creating a safe and sacred space within oneself to cultivate healing and growth. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to go deeper within and unlock aspects of yourself. You don't know what you don't know, Jana helps you find out."


“Jana helped me dive deeper into my soul’s story. Her astrological birth chart reading was truly eye opening and incredibly thorough! Beyond the stars, she wove the signs into my personal patterns with spot-on intuition. Her wisdom & guidance is a touchstone that I revisit often!”



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