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Corporate Meditation

Jana Stern is a certified meditation guide for groups as small and 5 people and as large as 500! With 4 years of training and 8 years of meditation practice under her belt, her strong intuition and ability to help people (with & without meditation experience) to feel peace is both empowering and impactful.

Each meditation is customized to the group, the current phase of the moon, the stresses of the industry, the needs of the group & the individuals, and the situation of our solar system as it is currently influencing us. Meditations can be customized as well, depending on where the business would like to focus or help employees find balance and calmness in the hustle and bustle of every day life at the office.

In addition to intuitively guided and personally created meditations, Jana is also certified to teach The Max Meditation System. 

For more information or to book a corporate meditation with Jana, please visit our contact page

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