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The Life Activation™

This is a energetic surgery for your DNA. This healing is about two hours and starts with opening your energetic body. I then balance your etheric energy (your ability to pick up on energies around you), your magnetic energy (what draws you to/repels you from others), your elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and your seven chakras. Once you are balanced, I go into your DNA codons using a crystal wand, and infuse light into all 12 codons and both connectors, sealing it up inside you. Once the protocol is done you get messages that the hierarchy of light wants you to know right now.

On a personal note, this healing changed my life. It helped me change my thinking, create a more meaningful relationship to myself and to Spirit, and it helped turn down the negative voices in my head. Everyone's integration of this healing is different, but the results are always positive!

To learn more about the Life Activation click here

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