As a healer, I am extremely conscientious of the fact that we all must heal ourselves. Healers help facilitate healing, but the real work in the process of healing through through our traumas, fears and limitations after the session is over, is ourselves .


It is great to have therapists, healers, and teachers, and family & friends, but in the end, it is our jobs to work through our traumas, fears and limitations. However, with the right tools + guidance and support, it can get easier.

That is why I have created this five week session is built to help you unravel from your dependencies on others to help heal you, and unlock your true potential to healing yourself!

2020 is almost here and I am thrilled to announce the Ignite Your Light Package that I am launching TODAY!


I have created this package as a tool to help empower you to become your own healer. This package is not only great to move through the current situations that you are facing, but also to help you with past issues that may have been holding you back, as well as to face future challenges with more power too.




  • A pivotal part of igniting your inner light is our first session where you will receive The Life Activation™. This 3000 year old healing will blend your physical and spiritual bodies, allowing you to develop a deeper connection with your higher-self. During the healing, I balance your chakras, your elements (fire, earth, air & water), your magnetic energy & your etheric energy; and then we fill your DNA with crystalline light before channelling 9-12 messages from your Guides.


  • Also included in your package are 2 one-on-one Empowerment Sessions where I will create custom tools and strategies for helping you to move through your current challenges with grace and ease. Your Empowerment Sessions may include customized guided meditations, card readings, connecting to source visualizations, self love tips, home energy clearing tools, crystals for meditation and tools for healing yourself at home.


  • Lastly, you will also receive 2 Crystal Healing sessions to help integrate the healing and strength you have acquired.


  • As an added bonus, for a limited time only, you can receive an exclusive 7 page breakdown of the major Chakras! This FREE download includes ways to identify healthy and open chakras, TONS of healing tools for each one, AND mantras, crystals and oils to activate and open them if one or more chakra is blocked!


Ready to become you most empowered self? Fill out the form to the right of this text and let's get started!

Ignite Your Light 5 session package


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