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Written In The Stars

Astrology Natal Chart Reading *Virtual & In person

  • 2 hours
  • 555 U.S. dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

This is a personalised natal chart reading that shines a light on your cosmic blueprint using the precise time, date, and location of your birth. In our 2-hour session, we'll demystify the intricate dance of planets and stars that shaped your very being, making astrology's profound wisdom accessible and relevant to how it plays out in your life so that you can stand more firmly in your power. Why you need it: This reading isn't just about the knowledge you will gain, it's really about coming home to yourself. You'll leave with a reinforced sense of self, feeling deeply connected to the cosmos and confident in your inherent design. It's about recognizing that you're exactly as you're meant to be, crafted by the stars themselves. You’re on a mission to understand yourself on a much deeper level, and you’re craving to understand your soul’s blueprint amidst the feelings of isolation and the nagging sense that you’re destined for something greater, if only you could figure out what…This session gives you that clarity, revealing that your true calling is to… Just be entirely yourself: Let's go beyond the physical things we do to help ourselves - the therapy sessions, psychedelic explorations, and countless coaches. Stretch your heart beyond the echoes of traumatic relationships, the grip of addictions & unhealthy patterns, and the shadows of doubt. There, beyond this 3D reality lies your cosmic truth, waiting to be embraced so that you can live your life boldly and bravely, without people pleasing or shrinking or using shitty coping mechanisms to feel good. I know you feel alone in the world and unsure of what you are supposed to do in this lifetime. Receive a Message From The Stars that will help you understand what you were born to do, and to do it with confidence! This reading will help you: - Understand yourself and what you came here to do/be according to the stars Connect to the cosmos/Source/your higher self Renew your zest and your passion for being who you are To truly love who you are. No more thinking “why am I like this”. Have a closer relationship with answers to the question “what is my purpose” Reconnect in the places you've felt disconnected--reality, self, others, work. In your 2-hour journey with the stars, you'll receive: A deep dive into your natal chart's elements, planets, signs, houses, and aspects Insights and notes personalised to your blueprint Strategies for living in alignment with your astrological design The oppo

Cancellation Policy

Please note cancellations less than 72 hrs before your session will be charged a 50% non-refundable charge. To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact me directly at

Contact Details

  • Toronto, ON , CAN


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