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Crystal Energy Alignment

Crystal Healing

  • 2 hr
  • 555 Canadian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

This gentle healing is perfect for someone who is looking to receive blessings from the earth. Think about it like an energetic oil change for your frequency, attuning you using the same elements & minerals we all have within us. With a deep understanding of each and every crystal and their metaphysical properties, this Crystal Energy Alignment is not your average crystal healing session. What it is: In this 2-hour session, we will identify where you may be experiencing blockages in your life, and then use crystals and ancient mantras to revive your energy field. Since I was young, I have been particularly gifted in being able to hear crystals, making this a truly a unique experience that will calm the mind and align the spirit within your vessel. It’s been proven that crystals carry frequencies that can help us remedy everything from energetic blockages to relieving stress to connecting us with Source. This healing uses the power of crystals to bring balance back to your energy, focusing on specific issues in the body. During this healing, I select the crystals from around the world based on what your body needs to process and realign and place them on the body, as the stones act as tuning forks - bringing your energy field into perfect pitch once more. Why you need it: You’ve been feeling drained, like you’re stuck in quicksand, or are seeking to reconnect with Gaia (Earth energy) and the energetic regenerating power this beautiful planet offers. It’s perfect for those moments when you feel disconnected with your body, or like you are dissociating from reality. Maybe you've escaped on luxurious getaways, journaled, did some therapy, taken a bunch of mushrooms, but none of it has brought you to the self that you want to be. You want to feel deeply nourished. We all get disconnected from reality now and then. This healing is the perfect way to bring you back into existence and allow you the gift of receiving the magick that crystals offer. Imagine it like a coaching session that ends with the entire Earth pouring its love into your energetic body, filling your cup and giving you the strength to really push yourself out of the mud and start moving in the right direction once more Here’s what’s included: - Space to share your heart - 2 hour Crystal Healing with ancient mantras and high vibrational music - Recording of what came through during your journey

Cancellation Policy

Please note cancellations less than 72 hrs before your session will be charged a 50% non-refundable charge. To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact me directly at

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