Soul Speak Malas

Hear the voice of your soul speak with your own One Of A Kind 

Soul Speak Mala.


Made with the original prayer bead, the Rudraksha nut, handpicked from Indonesia, this is not your typical 108-bead Mala! Each strand was created in the mathematical sequence

1(+1), 2(+2), 4(+3), 7(+4), 11(+5), 16(+6), 22(+7), 29. 


Offsetting the Rudraksha sequence are a combination of healing crystal beads that work together to amplify the intention of your Mala. 

Hand made tassels or hand wrapped crystal pendants finish off the look with our aggressively positive buddha as your guru bead.

Pre-made Malas available for purchase here.

Customized pieces available on request via email.

Beaded when the moon and energy is right.