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Our home is where we spend our time outside of work and play. Having an unbalanced or cluttered home can create energetic chaos and disharmony in our lives. One of the first steps to getting blissed out at home is to create sacred space for yourself. As many books have proven, organizing the home can lead to clearer thinking, better sleeping and eating habits, and a better connection with Spirit/God/The Universe & more. In this three hour workshop we discuss different tips, tricks and tools that you can use in order to bless and bliss-out your home so that you can live your life in the most powerful and self love-filled way.  

with crystals, candles, elements, salt lamps and things of that nature.

turning off tvs, connecting to books etc 


This workshop sends you home with energy clearing tools and a selection of crystals

(*For more on crystal gridding stay tuned for weekend-long immersions coming late this summer!)


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