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Welcome Home to All The Weirdos, Soulful Revolutionaries and Psychedelic Sheep of the Family 

TAG AS H1 - I invite you to join me, Jana, your real-life Psychic, Spiritual Guide and Astrologer, as we wander into a world where bold self-expression and intuitive soul explorations lead you to live your life boldly, just as your inner child always dreamed

There are a million and 1 gurus, shamans, healers out there that want you to believe that they have all the answers.

They want you to follow their word, buy their products and services, and worship at their feet because they are “lightworkers”. 


But I’m not that. I’m just Jana.


I’m here to help you understand that you are the guru. 


I’m not here to be praised for my “light,” my only aim is to help you uncover your gifts to gain the self-love necessary to live in alignment with your inner higher-self-driven authority so that you can start living more like the badass you were born to be .


Here Are A Few Of Those Ways I Can Help You Get There

Physic Readings & IRL Energy Healings

I believe that metaphysics meditation and astrology can save a soul. (Hey, it worked for me!) 


Though every reading is different I can guarantee that every service is always custom. Always profound. Always transformational.


Want to see the ways we can elevate your spirit?

1:1 & Group Spiritual Coaching

Committing to “doing the work” can feel scary, unknown and maybe even intimidating. 


Whether wanting to process in community or go really deep one-on-one, there is a coaching container that is right for you. 


Learn more about what kind of coaching might be right for you.

Courses & Products

From courses & workshops, to NFTs (you read that right!), to things you can actually hold in your hand, everything I create is here to help you learn, evolve and connect more deeply to yourself along the spiritual journey. 

Ready to see some of my mystical and magical selections? 


Hey, Soulful Spirit!

I’m Jana– Psychic, Astrologer, Spiritual Activator, Public Speaker, Podcast host and Leader of The Resilience Revolution.


I’ve heard it all my life: “You're a psychic?! How did you get into that?”. 


And my answer is always the same, 


“It got into me.” 


I couldn't help it. Everything kept drawing me in this direction. 


I used to want to be normal…to fit into the matrixed square 3D shapes around me. 


But the message that there is more to this reality just kept coming back to me, making me feel like I was crazy. Until, finally, I woke up one day and realised that maybe leaning into the strangeness was what I needed to do. 


I wondered “who would I be if I let myself truly love the parts of me I was labelling crazy?” They say there is a thin line between insanity and genius, and I love to push the boundaries of reality to discover what purpose that line serves.


It was that journey that brought me here. To you.


All we know is “me” and the stories that start with “I am”. 

As I got deeper into the healing around the word ‘crazy’, I started to understand that these “I am” statements are stories, and that they are why we do what we do and why we believe what we believe. I got that in order for us to heal, all we need to do is rewrite and then transcend those stories, in order to live the new ones we wish to see, and to continue to try to be the observer. 

We live in an insane society that wants us to think that all things related to spirituality are crazy and monotony is normal. I could never get right with that, so I’ve made it my mission to witness where and how we are conditioned to ignore the magick of this world– the magick that Spirit is often trying to show us– and help people change their realities for the better.

Observing really is what I do for a living. 


My gift is that I can see clearly what’s hiding in your blind spots, so you can finally move through life without constantly crashing into the same obstacles. And with those observations come the insights, the clarity and the guidance needed from Source to understand what the story is, and how you can rewrite it yourself. 


I learned to let myself illuminate the things in my own shadows, instead of labelling myself “crazy” and dismissing my own sovereign judgement to choose a better story.


And, as a Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer, that is what I help others do too.


There’s so much more to my story that might shed light on yours, so go ahead and read on if it resonates with you.

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I’m Really Into “That Stuff” Podcast

Are you a yogi? Part of the psychedelic revolution of the mind? Maybe you’re really passionate about energy healing, Reiki and sound healing? Whatever you dig, if you’re into “That Stuff”, I have a podcast where I interview the coolest weird & woo-woo people who’re into it too.


Join me every as I delve into the depths of mysticism, mental health and spirituality with some of my favourite people who are also Really Into “That Stuff”!

Crystal Magick Punks

The Rebel’s Oracle Deck

Step into the world of the psychedelic revolutionary and awaken the radiant mystic within you with the Crystal Magick Punks Oracle Deck. 


Each of the 52 cards features a hand drawn crystal with its own rebellious spirit, designed to inspire your fierce individuality and unique soul expression in a totally grounded way.


Ready to embrace your rebel spirit?



The best thing about having the gift of gab is that I feel comfortable in front of the camera and on anyone’s microphone. Catch a glimpse of my perspectives and guidance that has been featured in the media.

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