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Ignite Your Light


A 5 session program designed to help you identify thought patterns, 
connect you to your higher-self, and live an aligned life 
focused on self-love.



  • you've read all the self-help books, but you still lose your mind every single time your partner leaves his clothes on the floor right beside the laundry basket

  • You have gone to therapy before, but when your Mom comments about that person you're dating you roll your eyes and need to vent to your girlfriends just to stop yourself from having a teenage temper tantrum.

  • You cleanse your house, but every time your son pushes his sister (for the 135th time), you snap like you are possessed by every evil energy you just tried to cleanse out of the damn space! (*helpful tip: open your windows when you smudge!*)

  • You have even been meditating, but you spiral in your head when your nosy aunt makes a passing comment on your body and it makes you want to cry.

Listen, I know you are committed to your evolution and you don't want to spiritually bi-pass everything with "love and light"! You want to feel fully capable of handling whatever bullshit and bliss may come your way. You want to stop reacting and feeling anxious, & start feeling peaceful, aligned and self-respecting! Let's work together to get you feeling confident that every choice you make and every thought you think is you, doing your best to be, well, you!

That's Why I Created I.Y.L.!


As a Metaphysical Energy Healer it is my job to use my empathic gifts to act as a power(light)house guide for anyone seeking to view their inner shadows to heal themselves.

By playing the role of an authentic Divine Mirror for you, I can ignite the innate potential within to deeply understand and improve how you feel about the human you are Be-ing!

This program was designed to support you on your healing journey to teach you how to live a more aligned and peaceful life, while breaking old habits and transforming new and sometimes generations-old cycles. 

            Who The  F*&k  

               am I to guide you?



I am Jana Stern - a metaphysical energetic healer, certified Life Activation™ practitioner, meditation guide, clairvoyant, crystal seer, and self love counsellor.


I communicate openly with Spirit and crystals to help shift energy in practical and beautiful ways. 

I have been living and breathing my healing journey of being human which included diagnosed bipolar, borderline personality disorder (BPD), and variety eating disorders. 12 years ago, I sought out many different treatment centres and spiritual guides as a way to shift the narrative of my story, and as soon as I began to see the impressive results that metaphysical healings were helping me to achieve, I made it my life's work to learn the tools I had received in order to help others transform their lives too!


Facing your spiritual awakening alone can be a lonely and sometimes scary endeavor. Having non-judgemental support from someone who understands what we are going through can aide in offering a fresh perspective on who we really are. 

The Ignite Your Light Program is spread out over 10 weeks and was designed

to help you focus on the 3 main energies in your life that you want to change.

Through a combination of healings, energy readings, and meditations

I have designed a system specifically to help you live the life of your dreams with ease and grace.


Our 10 weeks together include 3 major pillars: 

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 2.31.53 AM.png
oracle & akashic channeled readings

In your one-on-one sessions you will receive two types of divinitory readings so that 

ORACLE - using a deck of oracle cards to help bring light to the current situation.

AKASHIC - using clear quartz crystals to access your Akashic records, where we store all of our human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intents ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.

grounding & uplifting guided meditations

A key element to the IYL program are the guided meditations.


Each meditation was designed to assist you to develop a meditation practice and enhance your intuition throughout the program and beyond to remain grounded and connected to your higher-self. 

20200526_Jana_0028 (1).JPG
chakra activation guidebook

The last pillar in the IYL program is the chakra toolkit download - a helpful guide to our 7 major chakra systems. The chakras are one of our energetic bodies that controls how energy flows to and from our physical bodies. This toolkit will help you to not only understand the imbalances in your physical vessel; it also will bring to light your energetic, mental & emotional blockages  that you carry, so that you have concrete tools to help heal and bring balance to those obstacles! 

"Working with Jana quite literally changed my life. She came into my life at an unexpected time and I'm so grateful she did. I did an energy healing with Jana and felt my life shift in ways I could have only imagined in the following days. She's been an incredible source of light, and has helped me uncover so many blocks that were holding me back. Her knowledge about crystals is so in-depth and her healing techniques are so effective. If you want to heal, shift and change your life in a significant way, take the leap, because you need Jana"

- Simona Costantini

The world is a crazy place, but no place is crazier than the world we create in our minds.

The Ignite Your Light program allows you the safe space to begin to change the way your thoughts are programmed so that every time fear or anxiety comes into your consciousness, you can redirect your focus to the silver linings and the light instead! 

The way to heal ourselves comes from the ability to look (without judgement) at the life we are living and acknowledging the things that aren't working. 


If you are feeling a desperate need to shift your awareness from the cyclical patterns and bad habits from fear-based decision making, and lack mentality into a life where you are thriving, abundant, balanced, peaceful and bursting with self love, then click the button to book your FREE 30 minute call now!

Wanna know the best part? 

The Light is already inside you !


I  promise that...

  • You will feel more grounded & able to handle your sh!t

  • You will trust your own intuition with more ease

  • You will have a ton of new tools in your tool belt

  • You won't feel like you are living out of integrity

  • Your life will feel more spiritually driven day-to-day 

Global consciousness is evolving in each and every one of us! 

If you are someone who is aware that you are thinking your thoughts

(and perhaps are at times overwhelmed by that reality),

then now is the time to start the practice of working with your intuition

so that you can be a better person for yourself and for the people you care for.

You've got Q's... I've got A's!

“I believe in ‘that stuff’, I really don't know anything about spirituality. Will this work for me?”

YES! This is as practical an approach as one can get to the metaphysics! I am a realist who acts as a bridge from the 'real world' to the higher realms of consciousness.

“This feels like a huge endeavor, is there any on going support between sessions?”

Definitely! During this time I am available to you via email or text message. Please allow 24hrs for replies as holding space is a full-time job and requires a lot of self-love rejuvenation time.

“Do you offer a payment plan?”

YES! MONEY IS ENERGY! If you are stressed about the energy exchange it will cause blockages in your evolutionary potential. Payment plans are available on request.

“I live in the Greater Toronto Area and want to see you in person. Are you seeing clients?”

YES! I am now opening my doors to new and existing clients! 

This program is for you if...




The inevitability of any kind of Lightwork is that the light will cast a shadow. To understand the light we must observe the shadow. This program was built to help you come to remember that you are already whole and perfect exactly as you are. 



Healing is rarely easy and often hard. It requires us to dig very deep and sit with discomfort. It won't always be pretty, but I promise that in working together that it won't feel lonely because you will have me in your corner all the way through.



The inevitability of any kind of Lightwork is that the light will cast a shadow. To understand the light we must observe the shadow 

"I would highly recommend Jana, for any spiritual readings. Without knowing too much about Jana when I first met her, she made me feel at ease and comfortable. I first met her at a women's circle and had a group reading with her, the spirits that she channeled for me to hear their message, was spot on, and it was like she knew exactly what I was going through and provided suggestions on how I can move forward.. I saw her a few months later and got a great reading and pulse check on how to move forward to make the most out of the year. Jana is very knowledgeable in practice, lighthearted and genuine. When you go see her, you feel like you are talking to a friend who always has your best intentions that are top of mind. I would suggest Jana for any clarity or spiritual cross roads that you may encounter that you need her assistance with."  -Sara Smolej

"Jana is a talented and passionate energy healer with a unique gift for the work she does. I went to see Jana for a DNA activation after hearing about the benefits of this type of treatment. I had no idea what to expect, and I wasn't sure if the treatment would "work" on me as I was somewhat skeptical. Jana was warm and welcoming and before getting started we had a conversation around setting intentions that was beneficial in and of itself and made me feel at ease and excited about the process.

During the activation, I had a profound cleansing experience and felt overwhelmingly connected to something much bigger than me. I felt grounded and present after the activation and the experience has left a lasting impression on me and how powerful energy work truly is. I'd highly recommend Jana and her service to anyone interested in receiving guidance and getting more in touch with their true selves." -
Lauren Saunders


Ready To Ignite Your Light?

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