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Natal Chart Reading

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

Who we are has everything to do with the stars!


When people ask "what sign are you?", they are asking you about your Sun Sign. 

Your sun sign speaks to your personality and often these astrology readings can be pretty bang on. However, the reason so many people don't resonate with their sun sign is because who we are has so many more layers!


Depending on the time and place of your birth, the planets and the stars were aligned in a specific way. Your chart will tell you about where they were aligned at the moment of your birth!  


We begin  is your moon sign (a clearer insight into your emotions), your rising sign (where you will face most challenge in your life) and then of course all the planets, each of which give insight into different aspects of your love life, your work life and much more. 

If you are interested in knowing more about your Natal Chart and getting a deeper insight into the aspects of your personality and how you can heal them by understanding them better, please contact me any time.

Great as a gift for any occasion! 

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