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Jana Stern Healer

Welcome Home to All The Misfits, 

Soulful Revolutionaries and Psychedelic Sheep of the Family 

I invite you to join me, Jana, your real-life Psychic, Spiritual Guide and Astrologer, as we wander into a world where bold self-expression and intuitive soul explorations lead you to...

live your life boldly, just as your inner child always dreamed.

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There are a million and one gurus, shamans, healers out there that want you to believe that they have all the answers.

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They want you to follow their word, buy their products and services, and worship at their feet because they are “lightworkers”. 

But I’m not that. I’m just Jana.

I’m here to help you understand that You Are The Guru

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I’m not here to be praised for my “light,” my only aim is to help you uncover your gifts to gain the self-love necessary to live in alignment with your inner higher-self-driven authority so that you can start living more like the badass you were born to be .

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Here Are A Few Of Those Ways I Can Help You Get There

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Hey, Soulful Spirit!

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Features & Press

The best thing about having the gift of gab is that I feel comfortable in front of the camera and on anyone’s microphone.


Catch a glimpse of my perspectives and guidance that has been featured in the media.

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Client Love

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"I have worked with Jana many
times since our first encounter. Her
intuitive insight and guidance has
empowered me to embrace my true potential, and with every experience I feel a shift in my energy and perspective."
“I had the pleasure of meeting Jana for my first reading in 2019. Instantly I felt drawn to her, feeling comfortable and safe in her presence, allowing me to open up and receive her gifts. I would recommend Jana to anyone that is seeking clarity, healing and personal growth."

- Kristina

"Jana is intuitive, understanding, patient, wise, and kind."
"I met Jana working with her on tarot card readings for a group of female founders. Everyone loved working with her. Later on that year, I booked a tarot card reading and life activation with Jana. Her ability to be present, to see you, and deliver messages with the utmost patience made it such a safe, pleasant, and intriguing experience! Life Activation with Jana came at the perfect time for awareness and transformation on my ongoing journey of growth and development. I would recommend this experience to anyone invested in personal growth and looking for that next catalyst for evolution on their path."

- Valerie

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