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Jana Stern Healer

Who am I?

I am Jana Stern, a Spiritual Activator, Psychic, Energy Healer, Astrologer, Coach, & Public Speaker currently based in Toronto, and available world wide. I have been featured on many notable podcasts + host my own podcast where I interview people about their beliefs and practices called I’m Really Into That Stuff.


As the child of long lineage of men and women who followed the stars, I would listen to crystals tell me stories and sing to me as a young girl. After years of denying my own gifts and going deep down a depressive rabbit hole because of the denial, eventually I began studying metaphysics, hermetics and the esoteric realms more than 13 years ago.


Today I show people how to see the blind spots in their lives in order to ascertain how best to move forward on the path of spiritual evolution and self-love. I offer my guidance through 1 on 1 coaching sessions, group classes, and publicly channeling at speaking engagements around the world. 

I have extensive training under teachers such as Rick Levine, Nadia Shaw, Ari Moshe Wolfe, Kaypacha & other teachers including many from Astrology I am a certified Life Activation™ practitioner with metaphysical training based on the teachings of The Modern Mystery School. 


Aside from my coaching and speaking, I am a walking crystal encyclopedia, an artist, a jewelry designer, a web3 founder/builder, the creator of the course Own Your F*&king Intution & the author of Activate Your Chakras, among many other things. I also host a weekly X space called Metaverse & Metaphysics for 100+ weeks on Thursday nights at 9pm ET. 


My mission in this world is to help people to view their inner and outer worlds through a more holistic and spiritual lens in order to assist them to communicate to the world how to dismantle the old systems as individuals, leading to revolutionary change in for the masses. 


My big three are: Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Leo Rising and my favorite crystal is Himalayan Quartz.

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