If you are here, you followed the call to level up your self-love game, and I love it!


Hi! I'm Jana and I am a certified Life Activation™ practitioner, metaphysical energetic healer, meditation guide, clairvoyant, and self love counsellor. Working with energy and crystals has been a life-long love affair for me. 


I have been on a personal healing journey of my unique version of being human, which included some mental unwellness & eating disorders in my teens and early 20s. 


At that time I received a Life Activation™ which had a very profound effect on my mental state, spiritual gifts and my ability to love myself for who I am. In time, I no longer identified with any of the aforementioned diagnoses, and I made it my life's work to learn the tools I received, so that I could pay the self-love forward to others in order to help them transform their lives too!

Using my gifts as an empath, I have helped others to profoundly heal themselves. It is my job to act as a Divine mirror for my clients, igniting the potential in them to deeply understand & better themselves on their own healing journeys. 

If you are feeling the call to take yourself on and Ignite Your Light then watch the video below, & let's connect today!


"Working with Jana is a real treat, she's organized, insightful and creative. We worked together on a 'Tarot and Merlot' event where everyone went through a wine tasting and got their cards read. Everyone just loved it!"                                      

~ Angela Aiello, CEO & Founder - iYellow Wine Club

"Jana is a gifted healer, instructor and connector of people.  Jana is able to tap into the energy of any room and intuitively deliver what the group needs.  Through her work, Jana connects others to the truth of their being and raises the consciousness of any community.  She is so easy to work with professionally, and is truly invested in the success of all of her clients and partners. Jana is truly a pleasure to work with."

   ~ Vanessa Ortali, CEO - The Ladies Community 

"I would highly recommend Jana, for any spiritual readings. Without knowing too much about Jana when I first met her, she made me feel at ease and comfortable. I first met her at a women's circle and had a group reading with her, the spirits that she channeled for me to hear their message, was spot on, and it was like she knew exactly what I was going through and provided suggestions on how I can move forward.. I saw her a few months later and got a great reading and pulse check on how to move forward to make the most out of the year. Jana is very knowledgeable in practice, lighthearted and genuine. When you go see her, you feel like you are talking to a friend who always has your best intentions that are top of mind. I would suggest Jana for any clarity or spiritual cross roads that you may encounter that you need her assistance with."

~ Sara Smolej

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