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Jana Stern Healer

The world has gone crazy, but I’ve been fluent in crazy for a long time.

Crazy is what I basically came to this planet to learn, really. As an Astrologer, I see it again and again in my chart, and believe me, I have lived it out in the experiences of my life.

I hear a lot: “You're a Psychic?! How did you get into that?”. 

And my answer is always, “It got into me.” 

Despite my desires, I couldn't help it. Everything kept drawing me in this direction.

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Jana Stern as a child

I used to want to be normal… 

To walk the same path as everyone around me, and fit into the matrixed 3D world around me – but the message that there is more just kept coming back to me. I knew I could venture well beyond reality, but I was terrified of my gifts.

You see, my biological father is schizophrenic bipolar and he has been institutionalized since I was 3, living full time in his psychosis. Crazy has been with me all my life. 

I have even lived my own crazy. I went through a slew of my own diagnoses including bulimia & anorexia, borderline personality & even bipolar in my teens and 20’s. I’ve experienced physical & sexual trauma in my lifetime, and I have lost faith in reality and even tried to take my own life a few times. 

My suicide attempt at 22 was a turning point in my life.

I was on the Other Side for 11 minutes, and when I came back into my body it was clear to me that I had returned for a reason. I began to investigate the question


“who could I be if I let myself truly love the parts of me that I was labeling crazy?”  

Thus began my exploration of the realms beyond physical existence via metaphysics and astrology. 

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As I started uncovering the mysteries of the mind & spirit, I began shrinking my problems to a mere speck of dust in the Heavenly Body of The Universe.

I began to understand, life wasn’t happening to me, it was happening for me, and that our tiny existence is the paradox. 

All we know in this world is “me” and the stories that start with “I am”.

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And, as a Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer, that is what I help others do too. 

Jana Stern Healer

As I got deeper into the esoteric realms, I realized that in order to heal, we must observe our thoughts, then rewrite and transcend them, and continue to be the observer, always. I recognized that all “I am” statements are just stories, and that they shape why we do what we do and why we believe what we believe.

Through meditation, metaphysical healings, hundreds of hours of astrology, divination, and oceans of self compassion and love, I observed and illuminated the things in my own shadows, and instead of labeling it “crazy” (and dismissing my own sovereign judgment),

I chose a better story that went against everything that intergenerational programming conditioned me to believe. 

With time and practice I stopped letting the fear of “I am going to become like my father” be my story. I stopped engaging in self harm. I stopped starving myself. I even stopped letting mental health rule my life.

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mystical night sky

The world has only recently woken up to how crazy what we have been calling “normal” really is.

You see, there are very real esoteric truths to this world. There are mysteries hidden deep within the plants, the mushrooms, the crystals and the universal space around us that we forget in our humdrum lives of work, eat, sleep, scroll, repeat. 

We are here on this Earth at this time in history to unveil these mysteries – to explore the depths of how to live in touch with nature, and why we have tolerated & even self-abused our bodies, our spirits and our beautiful planet. 

As humans on Earth, we have so much more than enough. There is plenty of sunlight, oxygen, food & water for us all. Every illness has an antidote. Every answer we seek is written in the elements of the stars that are also contained within our bodies. 

That we live with any other mindset, is the dis-ease of this planet. This false normal is perpetuated by ancient systems of control and manipulation that have created a perpetual lack mentality, and forced us into monotony and conformity that drones on that anything that is based in spirituality or that doesn’t fit the narrative is crazy.

Our fear, lack and not-enoughness is killing us all. Ignoring what is beyond our 5 senses is doing more harm than good. 

flowers in the forest

I could never get right with that false normal, so I’ve made it my mission to witness where and how we are conditioned to ignore the magick of this world (that Spirit is often trying to show us), and to help people master their own gifts & the tools available here in order to heal their pains so we no longer hurt one another.

jana rr images (23).png
Jana Stern as a child

My father could chart the skies by sight when I was a child. 

I believe he receives messages from a Source most could not understand. For him, the line between brilliance and insanity was too thin, and he was not given the same tools as I was, and so his hard path has been the great complexity of his existence and my own. 

But I don’t have to be him. I get to be me! I get to understand the messages that are coming through to serve a higher purpose. I get to help others hear the whispers from Spirit, and help them not to feel so damn alone. I get to help lead the world into something better for us all!

I’m not a guru. I’m Just Jana. I’m not the solution you are seeking, you are. My job is to hold your hand while we witness the process of global and individual evolution tangentially happening, together.

Witnessing really is what I do. 

My gift is to help you see what might be hiding in your blind spots, and to guide and bear witness while you venture into those unknown places.I know firsthand that once you let yourself really look there, you won't keep crashing into it. 

My genuine and intuitive observations offer the insights, clarity and messages from Source that can help you to understand what your story is, and how you can rewrite it yourself. 

As a Psychic, Astrologer, Energy Healer, and a human who’s done the work to learn to love myself, I know firsthand the transformative power of spiritual coaching and energy work.

There's no question that by working together, you'll come away different.

I also know that until your last day on Earth there will always be more to do, and more to uncover in this lifetime that you came here to heal. Maybe a year later, maybe in three years, maybe in ten, you'll need more, and when you do, I’ll be here, ready to witness, healing alongside you. Doing my best to do my best and helping others to do theirs. 

I am a big believer that all of the things that we experience, good, bad, and otherwise, lead us to be who we are, but that doesn’t mean we are stuck being anything we don’t want to be.

Resilience and self love will get us through it on this journey together. 

Now is the time to really expand what is possible in yourself and in the world. 

Jana Stern Healer
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