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Jana Stern Healer

1:1 & Group Spiritual Guidance,  Psychic Readings, & IRL Energy Healings

For the spiritual explorer who keeps bumping into the same issues without knowing why, let me help you see it.

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Spiritual Coaching

For The Deep Stuff

It doesn't matter if you've been navigating the spiritual path for years or just starting to peek behind the veil of our everyday reality into the vast mysteries of metaphysics. I'm here to walk with you. It is my gift to offer my guidance and support as you navigate this journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. 

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Virtual Psychic Readings

Uncover your Magick anytime, anywhere.

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In our hyper-connected world, distance is just a word, not an energetic barrier. This is why I offer virtual sessions. No matter where we are, we can dive into your energy together. Spirit doesn't care about where you are in the time/space continuum, and neither do I. So, wherever you may be (physically or energetically), let's connect to uncover your magick.

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IRL Energy Healings
Feel it to Heal it, Up Close & Personal

My journey takes me to many places, and in each city, I bring the opportunity for profound, in-person healings. These sessions are as unique as the places I visit and the people I meet. Due to the wandering nature of my work, these sessions are limited and highly personalized, making each encounter a rare and exclusive event.

Eager for a session in your hometown? Drop me a note, and you'll be the first to know when I'm headed your way. Want me there sooner? Travel expenses can be budgeted. Together, let's create a space for transformation, wherever that may be.

Book A Consult Call

Not sure where to start? This 30 minute call will help you get clear on which service is right for you. Let's chat about how you can let me help you help yourself.

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Client Love

"Jana has this way about her that I cannot explain. I am drawn to her and feel completely open and seen, in a comfortable way. She can see your "true self" even if you feel like you cannot."

"Her gifts are beyond anything I have witnessed before. I worked with Jana for a few months starting with a life activation which felt like it woke my soul and several readings and energy work. She connects to your soul and helps you figure out blockages and road blocks that you have created for yourself. The hardest part is looking at these in order to liberate them. Jana does this WITH you! I am forever grateful for what she has helped me with and I will forever feel deeply connected to her!"

- Chantal

"Since beginning my journey with the Life Activation, I now choose Jana for spiritual guidance and support when I know the next stage of journey is ready for an evolution."

"My first experience with Jana’s healing was with a Life Activation. She was very patient as I took some time to decide if this was the right healing for me, and when I decided to go for it she welcomed me into the session with grace and kindness. She talked me through the session to make me more comfortable and I could tell right away that Jana’s commitment and passion towards this work was very authentic and powerful. The Life Activation session took roughly 2 hours but I could have easily thought it was 20 minutes. 

- Marina

I felt light, activated, and a sense of clarity and cleansing after the session. Jana ensured I was hydrated and took my time to come out of the session as the whole experience can be a lot for the human body. Since the Life Activation, I have done crystal healings, tarot/oracle readings and more intuitive sessions with Jana that always leave me feeling more alive and awakened to the magic I hold within me. Jana always speaks with warmth and passion, and the authentic truth she channels through Spirit is highly valued"

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